Calif. Joins suit against Sutter Health, alleges fraud charges for anesthesia The San Francisco Chronicle: Sutter Health Accused Of Fraud By State Sutter Health, among California’s largest healthcare givers, fraudulently charged insurers up to vast sums of dollars over the past decade for anesthesia services that in some instances weren’t even provided, the state’s insurance commissioner said Wednesday . The Sacramento Bee: California Joins Insurance Fraud Lawsuit Against Sutter Health Sutter charges as much as $5,000 for anesthesia providers when it is entitled to only $250, according to the motion. In the declaration from Sutter, officials stated the prices reflect the expenses of complying with the state’s earthquake retrofit requirements, improving technology and caring for more and more patients who are unable to pay.Cumulative cyclophosphamide doses were significantly higher overall in canines with SHC than their control-matched counterparts, at medians of 1570 and 556 mg/m2, respectively. In multivariate analysis, age group was associated with development of SHC significantly; dogs that formulated it were youthful than their counterparts that didn’t significantly, at a median 6.6 versus 8.7 years. After controlling for age, the chances for SHC increased significantly with increasing treatment dose, specifically, by 2.21 times for each and every 750 mg/m2 increase, report the researchers.