Lloyd Austin, the vice chief of staff. Army officials say soldiers sent to war may be checked up to five occasions, including before getting deployed, during combat, after they return home and half a year and a full year later. Every soldier returning from deployment completes what the Army phone calls a post-deployment health evaluation and a face-to-encounter interview with a mental health professional. The Army displays soldiers for PTSD and major depression, asking questions to find out about any social stressors, rest disruption and additional problems. Those who are detected as having troubles go on to another phase of screening. Officials say, however, that no test is considered definitive for mental illness generally or PTSD specifically diagnostically.Human leptospirosis is usually acquired following contact with Leptospira shed in the urine of an contaminated animal. A sustained leptospirosis outbreak occurred in Thailand from 1999 to 2003 northeast, however the cause was unknown. Outbreaks in Thailand and elsewhere are often linked to climatic events such as flooding, that leads to an increase in exposure to conditions contaminated by Leptospira. To investigate the reason, Sharon Peacock and colleagues identified individuals with leptospirosis presenting to Udon Thani Hospital in northeast Thailand from 2000 to 2005, and they isolated the causative organisms from the bloodstream.