Beaver Medical Group expands selection of ophthalmological solutions at Banning Specialty Treatment Center Beaver Medical Group is expanding the number of ophthalmological solutions offered by its Banning Specialty Treatment Middle . By relocating the SCC ophthalmology solutions within the service and purchasing brand-new technology, patients could have greater gain access to and more convenience if they need eye care. The remodeled ophthalmology department is nearer to the primary entrance newly, offering easier gain access to for patients. Expanded services include six exam areas, another procedure room, and video camera room.Spot the black appearance of the rice? The color could be related to the same chemicals that provide acai berry pulp and blueberries their unique coloring. The same chemicals are in charge of the high antioxidant count of both also. Heart strike preventive. Studies also show that dark rice contains a great deal of anthocyanins, an ingredient that’s able of lowering the chance of heart assault. It can this by avoiding the buildup of plaques in the arteries which may be the most common reason heart attacks occur. Better Even, it had been revealed that anthocyanins is usually more with the capacity of controlling cholesterol amounts than any other meals supplement on the market. Other possible health advantages. Apart from the two mentioned which have recently been proven by science, black rice can be being considered possible prevention from critical illnesses.