It generally occurs in infants three months old or younger and lasts for a lot more than three hours daily for at least three days a week.’Colic is a very common condition. It affects about 15 % of normal, healthy infants. Over fifty % of infanticides fall into the age group of colic. We may be able to prevent deaths if we can find a treatment,’ Rhoads said. At this time, pediatricians prescribe particular hypoallergenic infant formula to try and treat colic, but none of it has been proven in studies to be effective in treating the condition.The researchers compared characteristics of each kid who drowned to some other kid of the same sex and age group who didn’t drown, and who resided in the same geographic region. The study evaluation was confined to places having relatively large numbers of drowning deaths and where investigations of drowning were routinely conducted. Information on drowning deaths was obtained from the states of Maryland and North Carolina, 14 districts in Florida, three counties in California, one county in Texas, and one county in NY. Related StoriesBreastfeeding duration and intelligence: an interview with Dr Bernardo Lessa HortaOf the 61 1-4 season olds who drowned, 2 experienced received swimming lessons. In contrast, 35 of 134 the children who didn’t drown got taken swimming lessons. Dr. Brenner stated that the statistical methods she and her coauthors used to interpret the info claim that swimming lessons offered some protection against drowning.