This provides patients and doctors with faster and clean image outcomes and the capability to post procedure the image. Post processing of the image allows the operator to control the pixel shades to correct picture density and zoom in to the problem areas of the images and also perform other procession features that you could end up improved analysis and fewer repeated examinations. A way of medical image quantification data comprising up of, * Obtaining spatial transform information representing a correspondence between pointes in an initial non-transformed image and corresponding factors in another non-transformed image.Its ingredients improve colon functioning to be able to comprehensive defecation of waste matter. Sluggish or Incomplete motion of wastes via colon may be the main reason behind poor digestion. Arozyme maintains proper digestive system and promotes smooth stools formation for correct excretion. This natural and herbal treatment for constipation is certainly safe for people of any age. Development of hard stools is due to the reason that food will not get digested properly or the digested wastes go through colon sluggishly. Arozyme controls digestive disorders also, acidity, flatulence, gas formation etc. The undigested waste material if not excreted, causes toxins to build-up that decreases the digestion further. Arozyme capsule prevents toxins to form.