The key tips for the administration of COPD are summarised by the acronym COPDX: Confirm analysis, Optimise function, Prevent deterioration, Develop a support network and self-management plan, and manage eXacerbations. Spirometry is the gold standard for diagnosis, severity monitoring and assessment of COPD. The core symptoms are controlled by pulmonary rehabilitation and efficacious medicine . Deterioration is avoided by reducing risk elements and reducing attacks and exacerbations.Chiropractors report high number of back-related accidents during summer moving period Each year, chiropractors notice a recrudescence of patients that come for a consultation during the summer time moving period. Not surprising when we know that many people, eager and tired, hasten to get everything done without worrying about their muscle groups and their back rapidly. That clarifies why herniated discs, lumbar discomfort and muscle tissue soreness are therefore common during this time period of year. How do we avoid this? Protecting your back Most injuries seen by chiropractors through the shifting period are back-related. Lumbar pain, herniated discs and muscle soreness have become common. Stretching before getting to work is very important to avoid accidental injuries.