He is bringing together a few of the world's leading researchers in this area in a special session for a global conference to be held in Spain from June 10-14. Dr Mozos, whose research particularly focusses on the application of computer science to service robotics, assistive technologies, medicine and industry, said: ‘Normal applications for QOLTS are support aids for people with some kind of disability such as for example assistance robots and rehabilitation technologies, but they likewise incorporate powerful tools to improve well-being of people and society generally.The previous doctor began developing SARS-like symptoms on 19 April and on 22 April was used in Ditan Hospital and put into isolation. Her condition is certainly listed as important. The 20-year-outdated nurse, previously reported to WHO as a confirmed case, has been linked to an additional five cases. Today and four reported on Sunday Included in these are the one reported. To date, all cases have been associated with chains of transmission involving close connection with an identified case. She actually is regarded as the index case in the present outbreak. Through the 2003 outbreak, the transmission of SARS was greatly amplified in hospital configurations. As a risk decrease strategy in Beijing, all seven SARS situations are being treated in Ditan Hospital now.