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LEED Accredited Professional
LEED Accredited Professionals are building industry professionals who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of green building and the LEED® Green Building Rating System”. The LEED AP credential indicates that the professional has the knowledge and skills to facilitate the LEED certification process.

LEED Professional Accreditation is a voluntary designation achieved by over 60,000 individuals who have passed the LEED Professional Accreditation exam. The Green Building Certification Institute recommends that LEED AP candidates have building industry knowledge, as well as experience working with green building professionals from multiple disciplines.

What are the benefits of earning
the LEED AP credential?

Strengthen your green building qualifications.
Market your green building knowledge to potential employers and clients.
Help a LEED registered project one point toward certification.
Contribute to your professional development.

Earn recognition with the nation’s predominant green building professional credential.
Receive a LEED AP certificate and opt to be listed in GBCIs Directory of
LEED Accredited Professionals.

How do I become a LEED Accredited Professional?
Earn the LEED AP credential by passing the LEED Professional Accreditation exam. The LEED AP Candidate Handbook (PDF) is your complete resource for exam policies, guidelines, and tips.

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Autism: Can mind wave test speed analysis? Is certainly help finally along the way for doctors searching for a way to diagnose autism in infants? Scientists in Boston state they’ve develop the beginnings of a non-invasive diagnostic test – one which spots abnormal human brain waves that suggest improved risk for the debilitating neurological disorder. In a recently available study, the experimental check identified nine-month-olds at improved risk for autism with 80 % precision, according to a created declaration released by Children’s Medical center Boston. The check involves computer evaluation of brain wave indicators captured by the typical test referred to as the electroencephalogram . Continue reading

Four people two from Wales and two from north-west England have already been found to possess contracted bird flu following a outbreak at Corwen and another four are becoming treated as having experienced the condition. That whole case was confirmed the other day after 15 Rhode Island Red hens died on the farm; the farm’s owners Tony Williams and Barbara Cowling, have tested adverse for the virus. The hens were purchased at some 70 kilometers away, on 7 Could also at Chelford Market; another 30 birds have already been slaughtered now. Continue reading

The contract is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act partly. Asterand’s Chief Executive Officer, Martyn Coombs observed: ‘We are honored that the NCI provides selected Asterand as a partner for this prestigious project. The TCGA will revolutionize the molecular knowledge of cancer. This project emphasizes the significant impact of well high and characterized quality human specimens on modern biomedical research. We experience privileged to play a role in enabling the NCI to progress this critical analysis and accelerate the advancement of new remedies and diagnostic tools because of this disease. Furthermore, the agreement plays a significant part in our strategy to expand our work with government institutions.’.. Continue reading

5, and the doctors believed it may have to do with low bone density, she stated of the rare condition. In September 2004, during among the many Vancouver trips for leg checks, an orthopedic doctor at B.C. Children’s Hospital, worried about how the teen looked, checked his hemoglobin to think it is severely low. He was immediately placed on a stretcher and received the first of 200 blood transfusions he’d need up to July of 2006. MacIver has spent a lot of time in medical center in the past two years with his mystical condition regarding an arterial venous malformation in the bowel that would ‘bleed out,’ causing harm to his tummy and liver. For days gone by eight months he is not able to properly absorb food, so his mother learned to feed him intravenously with something that requires 15 hours to manage. Continue reading

‘Therefore the whole period, you’re talking about rest, you’re trying to resolve a problem about rest and you observe how the type falls asleep. The authors utilize the expressed words, the patterns and the complete story in ways to induce some sort of hypnosis. The characters’ names actually sound like rest initiation.’ ‘The Rabbit Who would like to DRIFT OFF’ was originally released in Swedish in 2011. In 2014, an English translation premiered and it is available these days in seven different languages. It is presently outselling big releases like Harper Lee’s ‘Go Arranged a Watchman’ and Dr. Seuss’ ‘What Pet MUST I Obtain?’ on Amazon. That is Ehrlin’s third reserve, and his 1st for children. His earlier two books, concentrating on adult psychology, leadership and personal advancement, have not really been translated into English. Continue reading

We analyzed interviews and existing data from eight NEW YORK public secondary institutions, stated Dr. Karolyn Tyson, associate professor of sociology in UNC’s University of Arts and Sciences. We found little proof suggesting a burden of ‘performing white’ is a significant reason some black learners perform poorly in college and is an integral contributor to the black-white accomplishment gap. A written report on the study appears in the most recent concern of the American Sociological Review. Besides Tyson, co-authors are Drs. William A. Darity, Boshamer professor of economics at UNC and professor of open public plan at Duke, and Domini Castellino, a psychologist associated with Duke’s Middle for Child and Family members Policy. Continue reading

Our patients experienced significant excess weight reduction following LSG. There have been no deaths or main problems, no significant morbidity, no slowing of development,’ reported Dr. Alqahtani. ‘The majority of the weight reduction occurred within the 1st 2 yrs after surgery and individuals successfully reduced diet and experienced satiated by small amounts of food because of reduced stomach capacity.’ Data for five years follow-up had been analyzed, where time few problems occurred. The PWS sufferers got a mean BMI of 46.2) before surgery. All PWS sufferers had obstructive rest apnea, 62 percent got dyslipidemia, 43 percent experienced hypertension, and 29 percent acquired diabetes mellitus. Continue reading

China is set to grasp the fantastic possibilities brought by the biotechnology revolution. Just how do pharmaceutical businesses understand medicine prices administration? How exactly to maximize the accomplishment after the achievement of R&D? Just how do we select the items with high potentials while well-known items are playing a larger function? In the China Bio-pharmaceutical Summit 2009 , all these queries will thoroughly be answered. The Bacterin Day time on Dec. 11th will highlight topics on bacterin systems, vaccine testing and transportation, assistance on legal and expense issues, etc. This program can help the delegates better understand the vaccine market.. Bay Area Wellness District purchases ForSite2020 periOperative Resource Management System Unibased Systems Architecture, Inc. Continue reading

The disproportionate weight problems among children with nephrotic syndrome disappears following the individuals discontinue steroid remedies. Related StoriesArtemisinin and the fight against malaria: an interview with Dr. An interview with Professor Lesley Jones While steroids makes kids shorter and heavier than healthy children, increased pounds is associated with a rise in bone mass, said co-writer Babette Zemel, Ph.D., of the Nutrition Middle at Children’s Hospital. Specifically, whole-body measurements of bone mineral content material were higher in kids with nephrotic syndrome than in healthy children. Continue reading

CBS News: While medication maker Allergan offers pled guilty to illegally advertising its medication Botox for unapproved uses such as for example migraines, CBS Information has discovered that the maker has been occupied testing the drug abroad for the same ailments. Reuters: The U.S. Section of Justice will continue steadily to ‘aggressively pursue’ pharmaceutical businesses that illegally market medications for uses which have not really been approved by wellness regulators, a high agency official stated on Wednesday . This content is normally republished with kind authorization from our close friends at The Kaiser Family members Foundation. Continue reading

Colin Firth thanks stuttering screenwriter Stuttering took middle stage at last night’s Academy Awards ceremony, when best actor winner Colin Firth acknowledged the writer ‘whose personal struggles have given a lot of people the benefit of his very gorgeous voice.’ Firth was talking about David Seidler, the 73-year-old screenwriter – and previous stutterer – who wrote ‘The King’s Speech,’ about the partnership between King George VI and the speech trainer whose unorthodox strategies helped him conquer a debilitating stutter. As a boy, Seidler had a profound stammer, the Telegraph reported http://levitra-danmark.net/vardenafil-hvad-er-det.html . Continue reading

Who Picks the ‘Greatest Doctors’? According to NY Magazine: ‘A FRESH York City study and information organization, Castle Connolly Medical Ltd., publishes an annual guidebook titled Best Doctors: NY Metro Region, which lists those whom Castle Connolly provides determined to maintain the top ten % of the region’s doctors – – a lot more than 6,000 in every. For days gone by 14 years, Castle Connolly has been providing NY Magazine with a shorter edition of the list for the magazine’s ‘Best Doctors’ concern. Continue reading

On 24 September, 2009, from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm in the Russell Senate WORKPLACE. Rapid, secure two-method exchange of health info between health care providers and general public health officials is crucial to coping with disease outbreaks, bioterrorism incidents, illness from meals borne contaminants, and various other threats. Doctors, medical laboratories, and hospitals need effective methods to inform public wellness agencies about emerging dangers, and public wellness officials need effective methods to monitoring, detecting, and informing medical companies about outbreaks. Continue reading

Scientists at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have resolved the mystery with their discovery of the leaky gut as the offender. Bacterial items seep from the colon, trigger inflammation throughout the body and established into motion the procedures of cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, persistent kidney and metabolic illnesses, and cancer. Their findings appear in an edition this summer of PLOS Pathogens. Levine, PhD, professor of medication, pharmacology, pathology, molecular biology and microbiology, and pediatrics, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. However, the disease fighting capability does not distinguish between live bacterias and bacterial products easily. Continue reading

Adults consume caffeine every day, according to the researchers.On average, people ingest about 200 milligrams every day, which equals one strong cup of coffee or two smaller coffee cups. They tested 160 people who didn’t consume caffeine regularly. They were randomized in two groups to get the placebo or a 200-milligram caffeine pill 5 minutes after studying a number of pictures. The next day, both organizations were tested on the capability to recognize the photos shown to them the previous day. These were also shown pictures that were similar to what they had examined, but not quite identical. Continue reading