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LEED Accredited Professional
LEED Accredited Professionals are building industry professionals who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of green building and the LEED® Green Building Rating System”. The LEED AP credential indicates that the professional has the knowledge and skills to facilitate the LEED certification process.

LEED Professional Accreditation is a voluntary designation achieved by over 60,000 individuals who have passed the LEED Professional Accreditation exam. The Green Building Certification Institute recommends that LEED AP candidates have building industry knowledge, as well as experience working with green building professionals from multiple disciplines.

What are the benefits of earning
the LEED AP credential?

Strengthen your green building qualifications.
Market your green building knowledge to potential employers and clients.
Help a LEED registered project one point toward certification.
Contribute to your professional development.

Earn recognition with the nation’s predominant green building professional credential.
Receive a LEED AP certificate and opt to be listed in GBCIs Directory of
LEED Accredited Professionals.

How do I become a LEED Accredited Professional?
Earn the LEED AP credential by passing the LEED Professional Accreditation exam. The LEED AP Candidate Handbook (PDF) is your complete resource for exam policies, guidelines, and tips.

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Americans preparing like nothing you’ve seen prior – are you set for the unexpected? – Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Gustav. The latest tornadoes throughout the south patent terms . Flooding in Missouri. The devastating fallout from a major earthquake along the New Madrid fault range. The devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. Hyperinflation. Civil unrest. All of these are disasters which have are or happened waiting to happen, and each one brings with it unique circumstances. But there a few common threads interwoven through all of them. Probably the most important of those may be the issue of personal preparedness. All over the country an increasing amount of people seem to possess gotten the message that in worst-case scenarios, government – local, state or federal – might not be there to greatly help. In Colorado, for example, residents are stocking up on extra food, water, weapons and ammunition – scrap silver and reserve stocks of gasoline even. Some people are actually planning secondary shelters and bunkers. It’s becoming obvious to many Americans that based on our local, state and federal government governments in the event of an emergency, catastrophic societal collapse or widespread disaster will not be sufficient to meet the needs of your loved ones, writes Macintosh Slavo of the prepper Site SHTFPlan.com. Such preparations are reportedly being made from coast to coast. But why right now? What has transformed? In a nutshell, millions of Americans, quite simply are feeling uneasy about the near future. They see dangers just about everywhere: the decline of the U.S. Dollar and potential demise of the euro; the developing unrest in the Middle East and, moreover, mounting protests in our own country; organic disaster after organic disaster; and the ever-present risk of terrorism all have combined to make Americans the most anxious about their future that they’ve been because the 9/11 attacks. To be fair, even the government is urging visitors to be prepared. But companies like FEMA are only recommending people stash around three days’ worthy of of provisions because they are operating beneath the presumption that government services will be able to reach you by then and take over providing for you. While generally in most circumstances that might be the full case, the preparations taking place around the country aren’t, in large part, predicated on normal disasters. They are being based on worst-case scenarios that, unfortunately, too many people won’t consider. Just about everyone has auto, home, health and life insurance. Think of preparedness as disaster insurance. Why wouldn’t you do it? Thousands of American travelers each year are flown house with medical assistance because of health emergencies. Automobile accidents and heart episodes are being among the most common reasons. But most regular medical health insurance plans don’t cover pricey evacuations. And finding that out after a crisis could be catastrophic. The fit, claiming wrongful death and breach of contract, says the ongoing firm relented too late. Anthem Blue Cross, the insurer, disputes the statements. One trade group stated that buying travel insurance is becoming increasingly popular among Americans. Short-term policies typically price about 4 % to 8 % of the full total per-person trip cost. At Stevens Point, Wis.-based Travel Guard, coverage for a $2,000 trip will be on the subject of $120 . This content is certainly republished with kind permission from our close friends at The Kaiser Family Foundation. You will see the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy Statement, search the archives, or join email delivery of in-depth coverage of wellness policy developments, debates and discussions. The Daily Health Policy Report is released for Kaisernetwork.org, a free of charge services of The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Copyright 2009 Advisory Panel Kaiser and Company Family members Foundation. All rights reserved. Continue reading

The additional subject matter was asked to drink a decoction of organic THC. The authors hypothesise that the result may have been because the THC have been ingested, rather than inhaled; digesting THC might generate potent THC metabolites, which induce psychotic effects. Research into designing THC-based medications has boomed in the last few years, due to the many therapeutic ramifications of THC. These medicines could be used to alleviate muscle tissue spasticity in multiple sclerosis individuals, restore appetite in Helps patients and alleviate discomfort and nausea in malignancy patients undergoing chemotherapy. Continue reading

Vitamins C, E and Beta-Carotene content material also makes chlorella saturated in antioxidants – – molecules that scavenge free radicals in the body, supporting healthful aging. Seeing Green: While many vision factors are beyond our control, adequate degrees of vitamin A and specifically lutein – – a naturally occurring carotenoid found in leafy greens – – possess exhibited positive clinical outcomes with two eye-related conditions. First, lutein’s capability to increase macula pigmentation offers been shown to get a direct effect on stopping Age-related Macular Degeneration, a respected cause of vision loss. Lutein’s role in cataract avoidance – – which affects a reported 20.5 million Us citizens over age 40 – – has been suggested in human clinical trials also.. Chlorella green meals sourced from algae contains an array of essential nutrients As summer time winds down, school schedules might not be top-of-brain for empty-nesters. Continue reading

After 12 months, 158 participants returned data. Only 58 were still hold on the given diets . Other participants in the supported programs withdrew from the study than in the supported group based programs and weight rebound after the first six months was available for supported programs herpes zoster cure .

The authors conclude death.pe for Total Joint Replacement Patients: immunization for MRSA On The Horizon – resistant to methicillin staph aureus infections are resistant to antibiotics and a multitude of problems a variety of problems – bone loss or osteomyelitis, implant which the effective life of a shortening and greatly impede replacement of the implant. MRSA can disability disability, amputation and even death. Continue reading

In some areas, the condition is epidemic, with thousands affected in nations such as for example China, India, and Vietnam, and in many countries of sub-Saharan Africa.. CDC awards Case Western Reserve University College of Medication $19.7M for TB research School of Medication is one of 20 worldwide research sites to receive funding from CDC John L. Johnson, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medication and pulmonologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center provides been awarded a 10 year, $19.7M contract from the U.S. Continue reading

Stomach cancer has a grim prognosis and may be the second most common and the next deadliest cancer worldwide.. Broccoli sprouts suppress Helicobacter pylori infections Three-day-old broccoli sprouts, a available human food broadly, suppressed Helicobacter pylori infections, according to a report in Cancer Avoidance Research, a journal of the American Association for Tumor Research. H. Pylori infections are probably the most common bacterial infections world-wide and so are a major cause of stomach cancer. Continue reading

An expert calls ‘ADHD is one of the most costly diseases in the U.S.[ The average loss of income for ADHD adults is $ 10,000 to $ 40,000 per year (see also Kessler et al, 2005; Kessler et al Moreover, patients with elevated http://priligyfr.com/#lejaculation-precoce . Risk of comorbidity, including aggression-related disorders and addiction More than 60 percent of adult patients at least one additional psychiatric diagnosis, substance abuse disorders are observed in 10 percent of patients.

The results of the IMPACT targets for the development targets for the development of new and effective treatments for ADHD.In addition, these findings may contribute to the prediction of persistence of the disorder already in children, supporting prevention. ConclusionAttention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder is not just a child – psychiatric disorder that persists into young adulthood, but an important and unique manifestation of psychopathology across the lifespan (Kooij et al. Continue reading

Politico Pro: 5 States TO VIEW On Medicaid The Supreme Court decision making health care reform’s Medicaid expansion optional has generated a high-stakes guessing video game about which states subscribe. A handful of governors who most emphatically refused to put into action the Affordable Care Take action grabbed the first attention following the court decision. Yet an overwhelming majority of the says aren’t ruling it out. And Medicaid advocates are relying on most of the states to come on board still, if not by 2014 then soon after . This content was reprinted from kaiserhealthnews.org with permission from the Henry J. Kaiser Family members Foundation. Kaiser Health News, an unbiased news service editorially, is a program of the Kaiser Family members Foundation, a nonpartisan health care policy research firm unaffiliated with Kaiser Permanente.. Continue reading

Figure 3 shows the consequences of BKCa channel inhibition on phenylephrine-induced vessel contraction. Since STOCs are hyper-polarizing BKCa currents against vasoconstriction, we tested activity of STOCs in myocytes under perforated whole-cell patch-clamp conditions. There is a voltage-dependent upsurge in STOCs activity, the elevated amplitude and rate of recurrence of STOCs had been weaker or much less in the caffeine group at the same HP. For instance from the caffeine offspring.Figure 4: Whole cell BKCa currents and STOCs in offspring mesenteric arteries. whole-cell K currents by iberiotoxin . Consistent with this, single channel recording demonstrated no differences in the number of BKCa channels per membrane patch between your two groups .Figure 5: The consequences of prenatal caffeine on biophysical properties of BKCa stations on myocytes from mesenteric arteries . Continue reading

To determine whether developed and HIF-1 and PKM2 interact, the team must first cells or lack HIF-1. They held her in high or low oxygen for 24 hours and found that the cells starved with oxygen, but with HIF-1, was more than PKM2 cells without HIF-1, suggesting that HIF-1 controls the production of PKM2 contains 1 mg .

One advantage of the Northwestern project the use of these three research paradigms to provide the independent tests of the leader stereotypes where Eagly. Most of the data from the United States, with a few from Canada, Europe and East Asia. Few studies of the leader stood stereotypes available from other nations. ‘women will experience depending on their culture different,’she said, ‘We would like to have more data from different countries, and also takes account of sub-cultural data within the United States, race and social. But this is something about the future.?. ‘. Continue reading

– Although a small %age of patients aged over 80 underwent this type of surgery, the survival rate compared with the younger age groups, said lead author Robert O. Dillman, medical director of the Hoag Cancer Center in Newport Beach, California.. The five-year survival rate after surgery was 62 % for those patients older than 80 compared with 53 % in the age group 70 to 79 years. Among patients aged 60 to 69 years and from 50 to 59 years, the survival rate of 63 %.

Has the understanding of the mechanisms by which bacteria evade environmental threats directly relevant to understanding and combating percent. Continue reading

In. The effort to establish best practices for the protection patients undergoing hemodialysis, APIC published a guide to the eliminating infections in hemodialysis and has an archived webinar on dialysis – event monitoring and reporting.

Parapsilosis positive in the dialyzer only, and one patient and Candida in the blood and into the dialyzer , which was traced genetically back to the same fungus in a water tap in the treatment room, where dialyzers dialyzers and germfree. Infections were reported to the health department in August 2011.. Two of these patients were also positive for Candida parapsilosis , a fungus that sepsis may lead immunocompromised patients. Continue reading

Stem cell researchers towards this goal has been racing since 2006, when techniques for turning ordinary skin cells into induced pluripotent stem were reported first. In principle, iPSCs mimic the embryonic stem cells from from those organisms. Researchers want to the exact sequences and mixtures of chemical compounds needed mature mature iPS coax into the tissue – specific stem cells for their choice. The latter are self -renewing and in the body, the progenitor cells cells locally locally and produce mature tissue cells are transplanted..

With her best cocktail as they could prove blood – specific markers on 84 percent of their cells after three weeks. ‘This is a big leap in the efficiency of what we saw in the field only a few years ago,’says Parker. In his estimation, the SMC Palexi SR recommends for the treatment of patients with severe chronic pain, which is morphine sulphate modified release adequate pain control, or not tolerated.1.. For the current study, the research team was looking for a better job to mimic the changing conditions to do the course, direct ESCs to HSCs in the womb. Continue reading

Researchers who to the work to the work include first author ngel Rodr guez – Raya and Ignasi Piz, Rita Vassena, Mar is a Jos? Guillermo GUENECHEA, Susana Navarro, Paula R o, and Juan Bueren? hematopoiesis and gene therapy Division, Centro de Investigaciones Energ ticas, y Medio Ambientales Tecnol gicas in Madrid, Spain;? and Mary Castell? and Jordi Surrall? s the Department of Genetics and Microbiology at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona http://vardenafilcanadian.com .

000 Birthday Boost for Alzheimer SocietyBritannia Building Society wrapped its best ever fundraising year with a 400,000 birthday boost Alzheimer’s Society?Every two years Britannia staff vote for their corporate charity and teaming up with the Alzheimer’s Association – celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year – turned out to be a huge hit with Britannia staff and the mutual members. Continue reading

Supports Smokefree prisons, New Zealand – the government’s announcement to all New Zealand prisons strong support smoke-free by July of next year from the New Zealand Medical Association .

‘. This is ‘a positive effect on the health of prison staff and prisoners We commend the Government for this positive initiative, says NZMA Acting Chair Dr Paul Ockelford.The Smokefree Coalition, of which the NZMA is a member, supports the vision of a smoke-free New Zealand by 2020.’Extension smoke-free environments, such as prisons, is an important aspect of the achieving this vision. ”New Zealand has long of the of the smoke-free legislation and we encourage the government implement smoke-free policies to reduce smoking-related diseases if exposed through smoking or secondhand smoke, ‘said Dr. Ockelford. Continue reading