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LEED Accredited Professional
LEED Accredited Professionals are building industry professionals who have demonstrated a thorough understanding of green building and the LEED® Green Building Rating System”. The LEED AP credential indicates that the professional has the knowledge and skills to facilitate the LEED certification process.

LEED Professional Accreditation is a voluntary designation achieved by over 60,000 individuals who have passed the LEED Professional Accreditation exam. The Green Building Certification Institute recommends that LEED AP candidates have building industry knowledge, as well as experience working with green building professionals from multiple disciplines.

What are the benefits of earning
the LEED AP credential?

Strengthen your green building qualifications.
Market your green building knowledge to potential employers and clients.
Help a LEED registered project one point toward certification.
Contribute to your professional development.

Earn recognition with the nation’s predominant green building professional credential.
Receive a LEED AP certificate and opt to be listed in GBCIs Directory of
LEED Accredited Professionals.

How do I become a LEED Accredited Professional?
Earn the LEED AP credential by passing the LEED Professional Accreditation exam. The LEED AP Candidate Handbook (PDF) is your complete resource for exam policies, guidelines, and tips.

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CareView IASIS and Communications Health care sign multi-hospital agreement CareView Communications, Inc. , an given information technology provider to the health care industry, today announced the signing of a multi-hospital contract with IASIS Healthcare, a respected owner and operator of acute care hospitals in urban and suburban markets viagra-cialis-ou-levitra.htm . Beyond that, CareView's other products, which span a multitude of clinical as well as nonclinical disciplines, possess helped to improve our hospitals' general efficacy and patient satisfaction, said IASIS Healthcare Vice President of Clinical Functions, Tedd Adair. Steve Johnson, CareView's President, stated, The outcomes of our pilot contract clearly demonstrated the success that both IASIS and CareView were anticipating. The effective conclusion of the analysis and the signing of the new agreement is the first step inside our long-term romantic relationship. We are confident that our products and solutions will help positively modification how health care and ancillary services are provided in the future and appearance forward to working with IASIS to achieve a wide variety of patient enhancements and hospital cost savings. CareView Communications, Inc. Predicated on a report by Pierluigi Caboni, Ph.D., Nadhem Aissani and colleagues in ACS' Journal of Meals and Agricultural Chemistry, the brand new podcast is obtainable without charge at iTunes and from In the new event, Caboni explains that the upsurge in antibiotic-resistant bacterias, so-called superbugs, has fostered a search for new natural substances to preserve food and control disease-causing microbes. They cite a need for new substances to fight Listeria monocytogenes, bacterias that caused food poisoning outbreaks in twelve claims with at least three deaths last year. Carob has attracted attention as a potential antibacterial compound, but as yet, scientists had not examined it against Listeria. Carob may be best-known as an alternative for chocolate that will not contain caffeine or theobromine, making chocolate toxic to dogs. Their report describes tests in which extracts of carob leaves proved effective in inhibiting the development of Listeria bacteria developing in laboratory cultures. Further, it offers a possible description for the antibacterial actions. The outcomes were promising plenty of for the scientists to plan further testing of carob extracts on Listeria developing in meats and fish samples. Continue reading

Can You Use Two Condoms for Extra Protection? Can you use two condoms for extra security? – Walter* No, you should never use more than one condom at a right time. Using two condoms actually offers less security than using just one. Why? Using two condoms could cause friction between them, weakening the materials and increasing the opportunity that the condoms might break. No other approach to birth control is really as successful at protecting people against sexually transmitted illnesses as a condom. So always utilize a condom if you are having any type or kind of sex. But just one at a time! Continue reading

Anadys second-quarter net loss decreases to $3.0 million Anadys Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , a biopharmaceutical organization dedicated to improving patient treatment by developing novel medications for the treating hepatitis C, reported its financial results and system highlights for the next quarter ended June 30 today, 2010 tadalafil first time . ‘In the second one fourth we continued to advance the advancement of ANA598, and we enhanced the business’s financial position through a $12.5M equity offering,’ said Steve Worland, Ph.D., President and CEO of Anadys.’ Financial Results As of June 30, 2010, the business’s cash, cash equivalents and securities available-for-sale totaled $22.1 million compared to $20.of December 31 5 million as, 2009.4 million from our ‘registered direct’ offering completed during June 2010 partially offset by the year-to-date cash utilization to fund our operations, including expenditures associated with our Phase II combination research of ANA598. Continue reading

With more when compared to a 1.5 billion doses supplied up to now, Bharat Biotech has turned into a premier producer of vaccines globally. Ella said. Bharat Biotech International Small, Hyderabad, India, can be a multidimensional biotechnology company focusing on product-oriented research, development, developing of vaccines and bio-therapeutics. Bharat Biotech was founded in the full yr 1996 in Hyderabad, India, & has continually elevated the bar in establishing new specifications for research, development & commercialization of route breaking technologies through technology and collaborative research. Bharat Biotech is among the first bio-pharma services in India to become audited and authorized by Korean Meals & Medicines Administration . Bharat Biotech can be a WHO prequalified producer of Hepatitis-B vaccines for source to UNICEF and global procurement organizations. Continue reading

Cadaver instruction better than computer-simulation instruction when learning body Despite the growing reputation of using computer simulation to help teach college anatomy, learners learn much better through the traditional usage of human cadavers, according to new study which has implications for health care. Cary Roseth, associate professor of educational psychology at Michigan State University, said the study suggests cadaver-structured instruction should continue in undergraduate body, a gateway course to medical college, nursing and additional health and medical areas. In the usa, most anatomy programs still emphasize the use of cadavers, although oftentimes digital technologies health supplement the instruction http://l-e-v-i-t-r-a.com/best-drugs.html . Continue reading

Assisted suicide is definitely legal in Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland and the American state of Oregon. Earlier this month, the parents of 23-year-old rugby player Daniel James, who was simply paralysed in a training incident, accompanied him to Zurich to greatly help him commit suicide – the DPP continues to be determining whether to press fees. Baroness Mary Warnock, one of Britain’s most powerful moral philosophers, a leading voice on medical ethics and a known member of the House of Lords, helped in 2006 to bring a bill to Parliament that could have allowed the families of Ms Purdy and Mr James to help their loved ones die at home rather than spending the $5,000 plus to go to Switzerland – it was defeated 3 x after passionate debate by Christian organizations. Continue reading

Case Western Reserve launches brand-new computational and scientific programs in Ohio The Case Western Reserve University College of Medicine is very happy to announce it has established the initial PhD and MS plan in Systems Biology and Bioinformatics in the State of Ohio. Based in the School of Medication, with the Center for Proteomics and Bioinformatics as its administrative house, the faculty cohort will include faculty from multiple departments and schools, and the fundamental core competencies because of this program includes: genes and proteins; bioinformatics; and quantitative modeling and analysis. The Systems Biology and Bioinformatics graduate plan will train researchers to integrate systems biology with bioinformatics to resolve complex medical complications and be the biomedical analysis leaders of the future indien pharmacie . Continue reading

c. It helps in alleviation of the stiffness of the joints so the patient may be able to move his/her joints easily. d. The redness of the joints which is a chief characteristic of arthritis is also got ridden of. e. The joints are nurtured with all the essential nutrients required for their proper development and most optimal functions. f. The joints are strengthened in order to optimize their respective functions. g. The mineral absorbing capability of the muscular system is improved with the use of Ramdev medicine for arthritis. This in turn ensures good wellness of the joints in an all natural way. Continue reading

BMJ examines as to why India’s dengue epidemic is growing This BMJ feature examines why India's dengue epidemic is growing worse each year, stating, ‘Previously decade, based on the National Vector Borne Disease Control Program , the amount of cases offers escalated steadily from 3,306 in 2001 to 47,209 in 2012,’ and ‘[d]eaths possess risen from 53 in 2001 to 242 in 2012.’ The condition has spread from cities into rural India, and ‘[n]early every condition in India, including isolated islands such as for example Nicobar and Andaman, reports cases now,’ regarding to BMJ. ‘Epidemiologists monitoring dengue state that one of many reasons for the upsurge in situations is changing weather patterns,’ BMJ proceeds, adding, ‘Despite government tries to increase public knowing of dengue and regardless of the high presence of the condition, community engagement offers been significantly less than adequate Addyi .’ Furthermore, the mosquito that bears dengue ‘appears to be changing,’ this article states, adding, ‘Based on the senior officials of NVBDCP, the Aedes mosquito utilized to bite once limited to its blood food. Continue reading

These are some of the nonsurgical body molding techniques that one can rely on to reduce cellulite. Other alternative treatments which can be considered to eradicate cellulite are epidermis brushing and massage. Through these body sculpture methods one can focus on areas where there is usually too much cellulite. After repeating skin or therapeutic massage brushing on affected areas, one can considerably reduce that rippled effect. Cosmetic professionals adviseto start a little section first then steadily increase in the future to prevent skin sensitivity. Additionally, there are creams that are available for cellulite reduction. However these celebrity beauty treatmentsaren’t advocated since most lotions contain aminophylline, a medication that’s used in the treatment of asthma, which may be dangerous and isn’t recommended. Continue reading

Ambry to provide CLIA-approved exome solutions for applications in clinical diagnostics Ambry Genetics today announces that it is the first laboratory to supply CLIA-approved exome solutions for applications in clinical diagnostics. After comprehensive review by Ambry’s personnel of geneticists and medical directors, these results shall allow clinicians to diagnose affected sufferers with conditions that have eluded traditional diagnostic approaches syyt ed . We didn’t just design this software for the exome, we required a highly sophisticated bioinformatics pipeline tailored for our medical personnel so that they will make medical interpretations, stated Xiang Li PhD, mind of bioinformatics at Ambry Genetics. Creating this bioinformatics pipeline establishes Ambry Genetics as the very clear leader in medical diagnostics in the post-genomic era. Continue reading

Targeting cancers stem cells can be an important strategy in the fight against cancer. By bringing together industry partners and using our industrial expertise alongside the vital mass of the greatest brains in science we hope to identify important brand-new leads for the advancement of new therapies to increase survival from a variety of cancers. Any income from the success of the projects will be shared between your charity and the research partners involved, with Tumor Research UK re-trading any proceeds in its long term research work. The business relationships will be maintained by CRT, which has a lot more than 20 years experience in licensing patents and developing opportunities for new cancer medications and diagnostics, dealing with licensees and the pharmaceutical market closely. Continue reading

Cedars-Sinai neurologist to review MS-related depression Living every full day with a life-changing illness is discouraging enough, but Maryam Hosseinzadeh is among 400,000 people in the United States battling multiple sclerosis, a disorder that simply by changing the brain’s makeup appears capable of generating the secondary ill of melancholy http://synthroid100mcg.net/hypothyroidism-in-adults.html . Hosseinzadeh credits medicines, immune-modulating therapy and the ongoing support of neurologist Nancy Sicotte, MD, for keeping the possibly debilitating symptoms of MS and depressive disorder from dominating her life. Sicotte, director of the Multiple Sclerosis Plan at Cedars-Sinai INFIRMARY, received a three-year recently, $506,000 grant from the National Multiple Sclerosis Culture to study brain changes in MS and underlying causes and potential treatments of MS-related despair. In 2004, after bumping a wall while car parking her car, Hosseinzadeh experienced her eyes checked for blurry vision. She also had observed her right leg dragging for a couple of weeks, but hadn’t paid very much attention. When I visited start to see the doctors for my eyesight, they stated, `It’s not blurry eyesight. You have double vision, and that is among the symptoms of MS,’ stated the 35-year-older West LA resident who spent almost two weeks in a medical center undergoing tests prior to the analysis was confirmed. In sufferers with MS, the immune system attacks myelin, the materials that protects and surrounds nerve fibers in the brain and spinal cord. Lack of this insulation prevents the fibers from conducting signals correctly, leading to symptoms. Nerve cells also die, causing long-term deficits. The condition typically attacks body systems in haphazard, unpredictable patterns. 1 day I woke up and I couldn’t experience my legs; from the waist down, I couldn’t experience anything. One day I woke up and I couldn’t flavor any meals. I couldn’t smell anything. It’s weird as the disease make a difference your nerves anywhere, mentioned Hosseinzadeh, who earned her bachelor’s degree in electric engineering in Iran but studied animation after shifting to america in 2002. She functions for a film studio now, creating computer animation for cartoons. Hossienzadeh first was treated with high-dose steroids, which improved her vision. But I still acquired problems strolling. I was wobbly, and I couldn’t control my stability. I had to use a crutch, then a walker, and I ended up in a wheelchair. In one calendar year, 2005, I was hospitalized six times, each right time for 14 days. My symptoms worsened every 8 weeks, she said, adding a nine-month series of chemotherapy treatments finally begun to ease her woes. Now, going for a daily injection of a medication and a regular monthly infusion of immunoglobulin to improve her immune system and energy, she can hike and perform yoga, but skiing, one of her favorite pastimes, remains out of reach. I was on other medications before, but the combination of chemotherapy, Copaxone and IVIG transformed everything, stated Hosseinzadeh, who, like many sufferers with MS, battles a recurring cycle of depression: Having to deal with the physical, financial and emotional areas of the condition is difficult, but becoming depressed makes the disease’s symptoms worse. But managing depression isn’t easy, especially because disposition alteration is apparently a central section of the disease, Sicotte said. Despair in various forms is normally common during MS and will have a major impact on quality of life, thought processes and long-term health, commented Sicotte, a known person in the Division of Neurology who directs the Neurology Residency TRAINING CURRICULUM. In previous studies, Sicotte, a specialist on imaging techniques, found proof tissue loss within an area of the human brain called the hippocampus, important in memory procedures. The MS Society grant will support analysis with advanced magnetic resonance imaging technology to consider correlations between shrinkage of subregions of the structure, levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the degree and blood of major depression. Standard MRI scans present regions of myelin damage in the white matter of the brain, where many nerve fibers are found. But MRI scans expose less information regarding nerve cells in the gray matter, such as the hippocampus. The experts are comparing a labor-intensive manual analysis of MRI images with a fresh automated technique and correlating adjustments in MRI pictures with clinical information. Results may lead to new ways to evaluate changes in brain tissue of people who’ve MS with depression and provide insight into how MS-related unhappiness differs from other types. This may generate better remedies for MS-related despair. Hosseinzadeh, who is not a participant in Sicotte’s research studies, said the mere reference to MS can chill friendships and relationships because some people freak out. She actually is determined to lead her life simply because normally as possible, even if that means using hiking sticks to resume her outdoor treks, or, in her youthful days, having a walker to visit clubs. I was positive that I would progress, but I had occasions that I couldn’t prevent crying; I was crawling on the floor. It had been hard, Hosseinzadeh said. Major depression comes and goes, depending on your life style. I’m feeling good now because I’m functioning at a location that I really like in the field that I love. I’m in an excellent mood and in a good position. But when I’m stressed with monetary stuff, insurance complications or having trouble getting medicines – which happens all of the right time – it makes you frustrated. There are downs and ups, and I believe depression is a major thing that happens if you have MS. . Continue reading

So that they can counteract the bias that may have got limited the scope of prior studies, the experts completed many comparative analyses using data from the PAQUID cohort, covering 3777 people from between 1897 and 1989. The primary study focused on an example of 1063 people from the PAQUID cohort , who had been clear of dementia symptoms at the start of the follow-up period and who hadn’t consumed any benzodiazepines before the fifth yr in the follow-up period . From the 1063 individuals, 95 utilized benzodiazepines from the 5th year onwards, hence defining two populations: those subjected to benzodiazepines and the ones not subjected to benzodiazepines . Continue reading

Cardiff develops basic and effective wound test that could save NHS millions Researchers in Cardiff are creating a simple but effective test to predict whether chronic wounds can react to conventional treatment – which could save the NHS tens of millions of pounds annually. Chronic wounds are those wounds that usually do not heal rapidly, and include venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot pressure and ulcers ulcers www.tadapox.biz/dapoxetine-explained.html . Management of chronic wounds in Wales costs the NHS -180million a year with 200, 000 new situations presented annually in the UK. Until now, it’s been impossible to know how they will respond to therapy and consequently provide the greatest treatment from day one. Some sufferers heal within an acceptable period but others require more specialist caution and have a lot much longer to heal. It can take up to twelve weeks to find out whether a wound is certainly responding to typical treatment, which is ineffective in treating 60 percent of situations. Two leading academics at Cardiff University’s College of Medicine have now developed a check to predict how well a wound will probably respond to standard treatment and optimise the treatment accordingly. Professor Keith Harding, Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine/Wound Professor and Healing Wen Jiang, Professor in Medical procedures and Tumour Biology, have already been awarded -150,000 from the Welsh Government’s Academic Knowledge for Business programme to validate the technology. The wound is identified by The test type predicated on its gene signature. The original work, which resulted into two patents filed by Cardiff University, was carried out using frozen tissue samples with a 98 percent accuracy rate. A4B funding will today enable a clinical research to verify the validity of the test, using samples from fifty patients. The project that’s due to be completed in early 2012 will also benefit from additional funding of -53,000 from the University’s Cardiff Partnership Fund. Related StoriesStudy sheds light on methods to improve embryonic wound curing in humansAvita Medical transmits devices and personnel to greatly help treat mass burn off victims in TaiwanIn vitro tests provides proof of idea for osteopathic manipulative therapyProfessors Harding and Jiang plan to set up a firm to commercialise the product with support from Fusion IP, Cardiff University’s commercialisation partner. When validated, the technology created in Wales, could possibly be sold as a package and distributed worldwide or used to supply a ongoing assistance processing and reporting results, catering meant for a international and national market. Edwina Hart, Minister for Business, Enterprise, Science and Technology, described the task as a advancement with great potential to ease suffering while also creating significant financial benefits. ‘Lifestyle Sciences is one of the essential sectors of the Welsh economy with high growth potential and I am pleased A4B is supporting the next stage of this cutting edge research. We have regions of real strength in analysis in Wales and wound curing is normally amongst those, so it is pleasing to hear that technology developed in Wales could have a significant impact for the medical community.’ Professor Harding said persistent wounds are a large burden on society. ‘The shortcoming to identify wounds that will heal without difficulty from those that will not happens to be an iterative process often requiring almost a year of different therapies before selecting a high cost, hi-tech therapy. ‘That is both unfair to the patient and expensive to supply. Successful development of the product would transform support provision giving patients the right treatment at the earliest possible chance’. Professor Jiang added, ‘The close correlation between the genetic signature and the future final result of the wound healing process gives us self-confidence that this test will deliver true benefits to patients.’. Continue reading